Construction started on December 2022, handover expected in December 2024.

Construction started on December 2022, handover expected in December 2024.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of Dubai’s most popular districts to stay and visit. It overlooks the Persian Gulf while the skyscrapers and luxury hotels of the Jumeirah Beach Residence tower above a paradisiacal sea.

So many people fall in love with this district during their travels that they decide to come back and live there. The Italian investors who move here are really numerous and no wonder: Dubai Marina is a futuristic paradise, full of things to do and see.

History of Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a district with a very recent history. In fact, one only has to look at its structures, hotels, skyscrapers to realise that it is all newly built. Here, tourists can find a wonderful beach, a blue sea, the famous Dubai Marina Mall and many fantastic restaurants.

It was created in 2000 by Emaar Properties, a construction company that wanted to turn the area into the world’s largest artificial harbour. Before, where the Dubai Marina area stands today, there was nothing but an expanse of sand ending in the Gulf.

The project took years to finalise, but eventually the world’s largest marina was built. However, in addition to becoming a full-service port base for departing and arriving ships, it has become a true city within a city, a place to visit with one of the busiest beaches in Dubai.

Dubai Marina Attractions

The heart of Dubai Marina is undoubtedly The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, a 1.6 km-long waterfront promenade. This stretch of shoreline allows visitors to admire the entire district and its beauty in a short but surprising tour. There is no shortage of people who come here to play sports or stop at one of the almost 200 restaurants that line it. There really are all kinds and with all the cuisines of the world. You are spoilt for choice!

In the evening, it becomes a magical attraction as the lights of the street lamps come on and you can admire a wonderful sunset over the Gulf. There is also no shortage of shops selling both souvenirs and European products suitable for expats and tourists.

Dubai Marina The Walk

The capital of one of the seven United Arab Emirates attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. The demand for residential and office buildings is continuous, the upward trend in the number of residents also, the real estate market is very lively and the sector involves local and foreign investors from all over the world.

The country is also considered a high-profile destination with state-of-the-art infrastructure and where a luxurious lifestyle is possible. This is why Dubai is on the radar of investors and real estate agents on a global scale.

Among the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has the highest growth rate. This is related to its excellent services, the reputation of beautiful places and the lifestyle associated with it, but also to a very streamlined bureaucracy.

But why is it so worthwhile to invest in Dubai at this exact time in history?

Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah Beach is a modern high-rise building complex for both residents and tourists that can be admired from the beach. Within it, one can also find bars, restaurants, parks for being outdoors and doing sports.

Opposite this residential complex is the incredible artificial island of Bluewaters Island, where one can enjoy a ride on the Ferris wheel and admire Dubai Marina from above.

Dubai Marina Mall

Another attraction in this district is the Dubai Marina Mall, a four-storey shopping arcade just a few steps away from the harbour. Here one can find many European products for sale. One of the reasons is that Dubai Marina is a popular destination not only for tourists, but also for expats working in Dubai.

The beach at Dubai Marina

The beach, simply called The Beach, is the most beautiful and best equipped beach in Dubai. It lacks no amenities and is very popular with tourists and residents alike. One can get to the beach easily, as the most important hotels have been built right next to the Gulf. One part of the area is reserved for public bathing, another for hotels, and another part is chargeable. The only limitation is that umbrellas cannot be planted in the free area.

How do you get to Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina is one of the areas best served by public transport. In fact, one can reach the district conveniently by tram, through which one can also reach the Bluewaters Island and Palm Jumeirah, an artificial tree-shaped island known for its elegant and opulent hotels. This ambitious project was also conceived by the same real estate company that built the entire Dubai Marina.

Alternatively, you can always choose the convenient metro.

Otherwise, if you want to admire Dubai Marina from the sea, you can pay for a Water Taxi that leaves from the marina and can drop visitors off anywhere in the opulent district.


Dubai Marina is a masterpiece of modern engineering. This area is full of vitality, elegance, everything is very neat and well served for both residents and tourists. It is among the best places in Dubai to experience and enjoy the city’s climate amidst the azure waters of the gulf and the long walks on the promenade.

In short, if you would like to move to Dubai, you should consider Dubai Marina, one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of the city. Already many Italian investors have chosen to live here and you could be the next one.

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